We are now proud to offer services, like small repairs (excluding ring sizing), deep cleaning, personal shopping via Zoom, custom settings and engraving. 
All of these services are hand done, in house and with extreme care and detail. 

Custom Settings, pricing varies based on stones and setting



Deep Cleaning- a service where you can send in jewelry you’ve had for years, heirloom pieces, silverware, any pieces which are in need of extra care. These pieces will be polished with high grade, premium quality exclusive to the industry polishing tools, by hand and sent back to you, expedited. 
pricing starts at $25.00


Engraving- a relatively new feature! No stamping, or heating involved! All hand written with diamond point drill bits. Pricing is $6.00 per letter or $7.00 inside ring. 

Small Repairs- from repairing broken chains, fixing and replacing earrings backs- be it fishhooks, studs, screw backs and European backings, and much more- email for details, requests or to book a Zoom for estimates! We would be happy to help! 

Personal Shopping

Like all high end retailers, we offer a Personal Shopping Service where you have the opportunity to peruse our gallery and discuss with us what your exclusive options might be. 
To book a session, email us at

Look forward to serving you!