About Us

   Our story starts off in the quiet countryside, in the Hockley Valley, twenty years ago. We, as a family, made the decision to learn about Sterling Silver Jewelry. We had a family member in the business. Because our own heritage is so densely rooted in Celtic Tradition, being Scottish and Irish and British ourselves- it felt natural to base our designs from the meaningful symbols of Celtic Culture and to learn as much as we could about our own heritage. It was no longer an entrepreneurial endeavour but a passion project. 

   Our cousin who designs our exclusive collection started us off. We learned the trade quickly: setting stones, the production of silver, the history of the designs- as much tactile and practical information as we could. This has been an ongoing process. One can never stop learning about the Celts. A Culture that evolved over 3,000 years certainly doesn’t take 20 years in which to become experts, but to have a fair understanding- that’s where we shine. 

   In 2015, tragedy struck, and our husband/step-father died so we decided to carry on as a mother/daughter duo. We have managed to retain the lessons learned from him and continue to do the work. Celtic Fair is meaningful and beautiful jewelry. To have built a website for it is a step forward in the learning process. However, the true joy is the artistry. What we love the most is bringing new and interesting pieces as often as possible to as many people as possible.


   We hope you love what we have to offer.

   Constance and Patricia